“Downtown Barn is a veritable laboratory of creativity and good vibrations making a truly intimate oasis for live music in Sullivan County,NY.”

- Mike Moss, President and CEO of "Got-2-Groove Music and Entertainment"   

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“Downtown Barn in Liberty NY is a first rate venue from the sound of the room, with it's spacious but intimate appeal, to the audiences that come for one thing and that's the Music.  The Barn is a must for any regional or touring act's schedule.”

– Rick Rourke of Rick Rourke and Lost Wages, NY Blues Hall of Fame Inductee

   Out of Control Rhythm and Blues Band and Bluz House Rockers.

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“I have played music all across the country and in some parts of the rest of the world, in so many incredibly varied structures, spaces, natural and manmade.  Downtown Barn is one that will always stand out as a tremendous and unique venue to perform, and to see and hear music in.”

-Tony Perrino, Professional keyboardist.


"The Downtown Barn is one sweet venue. The charming restoration, state of the art sound system and warm vibes provide an intimate musical experience for both the listener and the performer...

Keep this gem on your musical radar!"

- Joan Harrison, Too Blue

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