Commenting on the progress of other local Catskill communities, a friend of ours recently commented, "Come on Liberty, get hip!" Well Liberty's new Downtown Barn is that and then some.


Downtown Barn is a small event space in the center of the Village of Liberty, NY that takes you back to the turn of the 19th to the 20th century and honors the craftsmanship and rustic beauty of a classic post and beam constructed barn.  This relic of a bygone era has been tastefully outfitted with a state of the art sound system and is now poised to feature a variety of musical artists and other performers from near and far.  The emphasis will be on good old-fashioned Americana acoustic music such as Bluegrass, Folk, Roots Rock, and the Blues.  

When musicians take the stage at Downtown Barn, they will be standing on hardwood tongue and groove planks that came right out of, and were reclaimed from, one of Max Yasgur’s farm silos.  The silo, which was formerly situated on Shore Road in Bethel, New York, towered over masses of concertgoers at the legendary 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair.  It now graces the floor at Downtown Barn and ensures good karma to this intimate new entertainment space.   

If karma and the natural fine acoustics of a century-old barn aren't enough, the musician and music-lover alike will appreciate the professional house sound system including a full complement of speakers, mics, mic stands, monitors, amp and 24 channel sound board.  What this means to musicians is that they do not have to lug their gear to a performance at the Downtown Barn.  What it means to the listener is that they are in for a performance with the finest quality sound a local small venue has to offer.

Adjoining the entertainment space at the Downtown Barn is the Liberty Mercantile Co. - a period oriented Country Shop.  Here, you will find merchandise that complements the vision and mood of this historic barn.  The shop will carry custom made furniture and lighting from local craftsmen, gift items and some antiques.  Before, during and after a performance you can browse and shop at this unique store.

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